Biology 2020 News and Announcements...

Welcome to Biol 2020 Principles of Cell Biology for Fall 2017/Spring 2018! Please check this page often for important announcements...

15 Mar: The key for exam #2 can be found here... (stats and meaningless curve are on the face page of the exam key. Requests to re-score or correct addition errors on exam #1 must be submitted IN WRITING before the next exam.

- Do not write ANYTHING on your exam. Exams that have been altered in any way will not be re-scored (a subset of exams may be photocopied before returing to students).

- Referring to the answer key, write your concerns on a separate piece of paper and staple it to the front of your exam.

- I will re-score your ENTIRE exam. Your score may go up OR down! Re-scoring is final, and cannot be appealed.

To estimate your grade at this point in the semester, add your quiz total (listed on the front of exam #2) to your scores for the first two exams. Then...

As >= 184
Bs >= 156
Cs >= 109
Ds >= 82

I don't do plusses and minuses in these preliminary curves... if you are near one of the break points, you might be in a minus (if just above) or plus (if just below) range for the given grade. Remember, this cure is meaningless... the only curve that has any meaning is the one generated at the edn of the semester from all exam scores and quizzes!

15 Feb: The key for exam #1 can be found here...

30 Jan: Information and the application for Biology Departmental Scholarships is available here... The application deadline is 2 March.

General Announcements:

Discussion and tutoring sessions begin Wed 10 January... these sessions are OPTIONAL, but attendance is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! See the syllabus for the times and locations, and go meet your TAs (download the schedule here...)!

Throughout the semester I will be showing movies and animations from ECB4. You have access to those movies thru Garland's student resource page:

As far as I can tell, using those resources is free. Registering allows you to personalize your resource pages.

Many of the movies are also available thru YouTube: