Biology 2020 News and Announcements...

Welcome to Biol 2020 Principles of Cell Biology for Spring 2018! Please check this page often for important announcements...

9 May: Grades for BIOL 2020-001 have now been posted. They should be available through your CIS student portal (I do NOT use Canvas, so they will not appear in your Canvas classes).

The key for the final exam can be found here...

The deadline for submitting requests to re-score or re-add the final is 5 PM Friday 25 May. See the syllabus for policies on re-grading. You may slide your requests under my office door or put them in my mailbox in the BIOL mailroom (a few doors west of the main BIOL office). Then, send me an e-mail telling me WHERE you submitted it!

Final exams can be picked up from my office on Thursday 10 May from ~8:15AM - noon and on Friday 11 May from ~8:15 -10AM. After 10 AM Friday, exams can be pciked up in the main BIOL office (201 BIOL; open ~9-5 PM M-F). Bring your ID card! Note that you cannot pick exams up for friends and family!

FERPA prohits me from discussing confidential information without proof of ID. This effectively prevents me from discussin/sending exams, grades, etc by e-mail, phone, or USPS.

I will be in my office during the times noted above. If you feel the need to meet with me outside of tose times, you may contact me BY E-MAIL (I won't be in my office to answer the phone!) to set up an appointment.

Thanks for your attention this past semester! I enjoyed having all of you in my class! DLG

General Announcements:

Discussion and tutoring sessions begin Wed 10 January... these sessions are OPTIONAL, but attendance is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! See the syllabus for the times and locations, and go meet your TAs (download the schedule here...)!

Throughout the semester I will be showing movies and animations from ECB4. You have access to those movies thru Garland's student resource page:

As far as I can tell, using those resources is free. Registering allows you to personalize your resource pages.

Many of the movies are also available thru YouTube: