Biology 2020 News and Announcements...

Welcome to Biol 2020 Principles of Cell Biology for Spring 2017! Please check this page often for important announcements...

9 May: Final grades for BIOL 2020-002 (Spring 2017) have been posted. You may view them on your CIS page.

The key for the final exam (exam #4) can be found here...

Some comments on the final: The final ended up being worth 127 points... due to mis-additions on my part. Consider the extra two points to be "extra credit." In the interest of fairness (and the mistake in the question as printed in the exam), I gave EVERYONE full credit (4 pts) for Q19C (the question about hormones attached to beads).

The high score on the final was 122.5 (out of 127, or 96%), and the median was 91 (out of 127, or 72%).

Requests for re-scoring the final AND CORRECTION OF ALL ADDITION ERRORS on all four exams must be submitted to me in writing by NOON on Wed 24 May. See the syllabus for rules regarding re-grades. For addition errors, make a note of the page that should be re-added. If I am not in my office, you may submit your request by sliding it under my office door (101 building 44) or placing it in my mailbox (in 204 BIOL). You might send me an e-mail indicating that you have left something for me...

Final exams can be picked up from my office during the following times:

Wed 10 May 8:30~11:30
Fri 12 May 8:30~noon
Mon 15 May 8:30~noon

After that, exams can be picked up from the departmental office in 201 BIOL. Make sure you say you are in MY section (BIOL 2020-002), and bring photo ID.

FERPA regulations prohibit me from sending final grades or final exam scores by phone or e-mail, and also prohibit me from mailing out final exams.

I do not publicize my final curve, other than to say the median TTL points (for students completing all four exams) was 306, and this score was assigned a C+ (the avg class grade was also a C+). I will add that no grade "breakpoint" was less than 2.5 points (and most were 4 points or more), so no one is less than 2.5 points from a higher letter grade.

General Announcements:

Throughout the semester I will be showing movies and animations from ECB4. You have access to those movies thru Garland's student resource page:

As far as I can tell, using those resources is free. Registering allows you to personalize your resource pages.

Many of the movies are also available thru YouTube: