The slides used in the Tuesday and Thursday lectures will be posted here, shortly after the class.

Lecture 1, Tuesday, 10 January

Lecture 2, Thursday, 12 January

Lecture 3, Tuesday, 17 January

Lecture 4, Thursday, 19 January

  • Dealing with Uncertainties and Introduction to UV-visible Spectroscopy
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Lecture 5, 24 January

  • More on UV-visible spectrophotometry: Beer's Law and Overlapping Spectra
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Lecture 6, 26 January

Lecture 7, 31 January

Lectures 8 and 9, 2 Feb. and 7 Feb.

Lecture 10, 9 February

  • More on Crystal Structures, the Catalytic Triad and Introduction to Enzyme Kinetics
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Lecture 11, 14 February

  • More on Enzyme Kinetics: The Michaelis-Menten Mechanism and Equation
    Parts A and B of Experiment 3
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Lecture 12, 16 February

Lecture 13, 21 February

  • Data Analysis for the V vs. [S] Experiment and Interpretation of the Michaelis-Menten Parameters
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Lecture 14, 23 February

  • A Bit More on Km, kcat and Enzyme Energy Profiles and Introduction to Enzyme Inhibitors
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Lecture 15, 28 February

  • More on Reversible Enzyme Inhibitors:
    β-secretase Inhibitors as Potential Pharmaceuticals for Alzheimer's Disease and Analysis of Reversible Inhibition Data
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Lecture 16, 27 February

  • Data Analysis for Reverisible Inhibitor Experiment and Introduction to Irreversible Inhibition
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Lecture 17, 7 March

  • More on the Kinetics of Irriversible Inhibition and Exponentials, an Introduction to Separatation Methods and a Bit on the Ultracentrifuge
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Lecture 18, 21 March

  • Introduction to Electrophoresis and Thiol-disulfide Chemistry
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    I have added a slide (page 13), offering a bit more explanation of the shape of the expected curve describing the rate of a thiol-disulfide exchange reaction as a function of pH.

Lecture 19, 23 March

Lecture 20, 28 March

  • Non-denaturing Gels, Ionizable Groups in Proteins and Digestion Experiment
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Lecture 21, 30 March

Lecture 22, 4 April

  • Quiz 2 Answers, Discontinuous Stacking Gels and Analysis of the RNAse Digestion Experiment
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Lecture 23, 6 April

  • Western Blots, Two-dimensional Gels and Introduction to Chromatography
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Lecture 24, 11 April

Lecture 25, 13 April

  • More on Gel Filtration Chromatography and a bit on Ion Exchange and HPLC
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Lecture 26, 18 April

  • The Last Experiment, Trypsin Substrates, Affinity Chromatography and Zika Virus
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Lecture 27, 20 April