The homework problem sets for Biology 3550 will be posted here.

Problem Set 1: due Tuesday, 6 Sept, by midnight.

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  • There was a typo in the problem set originally posted here, but it has been corrected in the version linked to above.
    Problem 3(c) began, "For the first throw, define 7 possible events:" It should be 8 possible events. I apologize for any confusion!

Problem Set 2: due Monday, 26 Sept., by 11:59 P.M.

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  • Please be sure to read and follow the guidelines for doing these calculations and submitting your work, and let me know if you have any questions.
  • Oops! The original problem set indicated that it was due by 12:59 PM, Monday, 26 Sept. It was supposed to say 11:59 PM (right before midnight). Once again, my attempt to clarify only caused confusion!
  • A few students have expressed interest in a tutorial session on graphing, using SciDAVis, but it seems unlikely that we would be able to find a common time to meet. I am happy to work with individual students or a small group if it can be organized. In addition, I am posting a SciDavis tutorial, which is largely based on a chapter from a lab manual for another course that I teach. Although the tutorial is focused on a particular data set, I think that it should be helpful in a more general setting.

    The tutorial can be downloaded here.
    Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or corrections regarding SciDAVis or the tutorial.

Problem Set 3: due 11:59 PM, Tuesday, 18 October.

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  • Note that this problem set includes material that will be covered in class on Wednesday, 5 Oct. and, possibly after fall break. A bit of the material that we cover on 5 Oct., may be included on the mid-term on 7 Oct., but it will not be a major component of the exam.

Problem Set 4: due 11:59 PM, Tuesday, 8 November.

Problem Set 5: due 11:59 PM, Monday, 21 November.

  • Download Problem Set 5

  • Important note: After posting this earlier, I realized that problem 2 was poorly constructed. I have changed one of the parameters, to make it physically more reasonable and have added a comment that I hope will clarify the problem.
    I apologize for any confusion.

Problem Set 6: due 11:59 PM, Wednesday, 7 December.